Let’s say that you’re using an activeByDefault Maven profile in your build process. At some point, someone decides to add another profile, that’s activated based on some conditons (or manually using the -P parameter).

In this post I will go through the steps for setting up a very basic Java development environment on Mac OS, based on homebrew, cask and jenv.

Git is a wonderful version control system, but some of its concepts seem daunting at first. One of the issues that may seem confusing is how it deals with line breaks (also called line endings).

There are a lot of articles written about search engine optimization (SEO) and various techniques that can be used to boost the results. The most basic way of improving the rankings is to make sure that content can be understood correctly by crawlers.

When working in a team, it’s very important to establish a coding style and some general principles which may vary depending on the programming language. This will ensure that the code will be uniform, easier to understand and follow a standard. At least this is the ideal.