If you need to investigate CPU related issues, sampling provides an easy mechanism for identifying bottlenecks, with minimal effects on the performance.

In the previous post we’ve went through what are memory leaks in Java and how they can manifest themselves. In this post, I will go through more details on how to find memory leaks and how to investigate memory issues.

While memory leaks in the Java language are different than in languages with manual memory allocation, they can still become challenges to developers - especially when they are discovered in the late phases of the project.

You’ve just received your nodemcu DevKit board and want to start working on your ideas. How do you get started when you’re using Windows?

It’s been some time since I’ve started programming - back then, Turbo Pascal was one of the most common development environments. I still recall the joy of learning about a new method, or API and the cool things that could be done with it. Everything seemed very fascinating and there seemed to be so many possibilities.